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POP-UPTM Merchandising Rack

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The MMC POP-UPTM Merchandising Display Rack (also known as Vertical Vendor) uses patented technology to raise up new product from its internal stock when the customer removes their item.

It is a unique shopping experience that grabs the shopper’s attention. It also protects the internal stock from customer contact, helping to keep the product sanitary. This product can last for many years and is recyclable.

counter display © Vertical Vendor™ is a registered trademark, and is patented.

Our interactive, proprietary in-store POP-UPTM Merchandising Rack (also known as Vertical Vendor) will delight your customers with its revolutionary function. MMC’s POP-UPTM Merchandising Racks will not only fit into your space with an efficient space-saving design, but they will also fit into your customers’ memorable in-store experience.

What can I expect from the POP-UPTM Merchandising Rack Display?

Increased impulse sales!

  • Small in-store footprint

  • Produced in steel

  • Full graphics can be interchangeable

  • Easy to refill

  • Functional for many products

  • Several multi-spring options

  • Exceptional ROI

  • Product protected once loaded

  • Customer engagement

  • Product sells at customer’s height

  • No bending to lift heavy packages

  • Proprietary calibrated spring & air dampened plunger

  • Unique injection molded air-flow system™

The patent applied technology is designed with our proprietary air flow system that allows the product to rise up slowly for the consumer to purchase.

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