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Crystal Light Signs

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Merchandising and Marketing Corporation has been working with our partner, Dekor, to design and produce the best in LED signage… The CRYSTAL LIGHT SIGN. Using the latest in LED technology, these Crystal Light Signs are vibrant, attractive and economical.

Our ultra-thin Crystal Light illuminated Signs use LEDs to highlight the brand or image with intense brightness. Our proprietary system can be used to create most any shape and can be produced to show a halo effect or even motion. No longer do you have to have neon to achieve the same look…. See what our Crystal Light Signs can do for your product or logo….

  • The latest in LED technology (all components made in EU, lifetime 50.000 hrs)

  • Ultra-thin sign- stand thickness is less than an inch

  • Lighting effects are controlled by a microprocessor- allowing different parts of the sign to illuminate at different times giving the illusion of animation

  • Changeable animation programs are available

  • Most any shape to match your company’s logo style, with sizes from small to large

  • Many different lighting effects can be achieved according to your artwork-(halo effect, 30 outline effect, illuminated edge, etc.)

  • Lowest power consumption (a quarter of the electricity than an ordinary light box)

  • Mounting kit enabling variable placement of the display (counter display, wall display, suspension display)

  • Display can be incorporated into other POS display, products, or systems

  • Most cartons are UPS packing standard