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MMC time and time again has been the “Go-To” merchandising company for innovation and flawless execution. This award winning Table Service Bottle Glorifier is one of the Best-In-Class award winning innovations.
The Belvedere DigiBear program consisted of a Glorified Bottle dispenser for nightclub Table Service. The “Bear” holds a full 3L bottle of Belvedere, and included a video screen that displays a customized celebration message specifically for the customers at the table. Offering a unique and exciting customized experience, the Bear offered the customers an impressive way to share their celebration with their party-going friends.
MMC has created an interactive Bartender tool that offers nightclubs and restaurants a way to present a unique and customized celebration to their table service customers. The Belvedere Program offers a free downloadable APP on both iPhone and Android. A simple log in gets the bartender to an interactive with the Bear with easy entry of customized messages that can be posted to the DigiBear’s video face.